Behind the catchy name SHOESHIBAR, you won’t find a Japanese restaurant or a cocktail lounge, but a Danish shoe brand with roots in Italy and Africa, and several generations of experience.

The designer and creative director Samir Souid, who has always loved design and creativity, founded the brand in 2001. Growing up at fashion fairs with his dad, Samir spent a big part of his youth drawing the shoes exhibited at the fairs.

Samir followed his father’s footsteps, as the hobby transformed into a business and SHOESHIBAR was born. The brand mixes the stylish and simple Scandinavian look, with colours and materials from the south -with a twist of the up-and-coming trends.

The brand took off quickly and created an international media buzz, attracting numerous public figures such as Alice Cooper and Kanye West as part of their clientele.

In 2012, the brand SHOESHIBAR transformed into Maison Shoeshibar, which caters to the more exclusive market with special limited editions, including collaborations with selected guest designers.

Maison Shoeshibar has retailers in all corners of Scandinavia as well as Northern Europe and Asia.

Sushi – small edible pieces of art, with bold colors, attention to detail, and simple presentation – the inspiration behind the SHOESHIBAR name and aesthetics. So indulge yourself and take a bite.”



“Authenticity is a key priority, which is why all my shoes are handmade.” Samir Souid

The Maison Shoeshibar collections are crafted by traditional shoemakers in Spain and Portugal, who take great pride in classic craftsmanship. Their passion for quality and their keen eye for detail make every single pair of hand-made Maison Shoeshibar shoes exceptional and unique. All materials are carefully selected, and only the finest quality goes into the making of a pair of Maison Shoeshibar shoes.

Maison Shoeshibar is known for their experimental use of extraordinary materials, functional details and leather finishes which are always hand brushed or polished – or even buried underground, to give each pair a unique and distinct look.

Maison Shoeshibar keeps moving to the front line of shoe fashion but never abandons the traditions of shoemaking.


* In 2006 Shoeshibar was nominated for the SIFA Award in the category “World’s Best Footwear” by the renowned trade magazine Sportswear International.

*Besides shoes, Shoeshibar has also released a compilation CD – SHOESHIBAR SPEAKS.

A lovely, funky compilation of lounge music mixed by the talented DJ Peter Visti, known from Hotel Costes in Paris. Only Scandinavian artists appeared on the album, contributing to the Shoeshibar vibe.

* Shoeshibar celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a national shoe design competition in collaboration with Elle Magazine. The winner was chosen by a jury of the finest and most competent players in the Danish fashion industry. The winners had their design produced and were flown to Paris for a luxurious weekend treat.

* Shoeshibar has also produced their own limited edition coffee table book in only 150 copies for their collaborators, clients and friends of the house.

* Shoeshibar received international recognition when they were selected to be exhibited at the art show Souilers in Paris as well as the Danish art museum Trapholt, under the title: Shoe as Art.

*Shoeshibar was also featured in the popular book SKO, by Gads Forlag.



As a new initiative, Maison Shoeshibar will create an annual capsule collection with talented co-designers to contribute and create awareness for causes that benefit women and children.

Maison Shoeshibar complies with all safety, health and environmental regulations under European standards and adheres to all current legislation in all productions.

Maison Shoeshibar also prioritises and maintains ethics and social responsibility in all aspects of trade and overall business methods, including but not limited to; fair salaries, correct work practices and rejects child labour.