Never abandon the traditions of shoemaking…

By maj 19, 2016News
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The Maison Shoeshibar collections are crafted by traditional shoemakers in Spain and Portugal. Their passion for quality and their keen eye for details, make every single pair of hand-made Maison Shoeshibar shoes exceptional and unique.

What characterizes Maison Shoeshibar is the experimental use of extraordinary materials, functional details and leather finishes, which are always hand-brushed or polished – or even buried under ground, to give each pair a unique and distinct look. Heels and soles are specially designed to fit each innovative style, and live up to the high standards of comfort and quality.

All materials are carefully selected, and only the finest quality goes into the making of a pair of Maison Shoeshibar shoes. Maison Shoeshibar produces two annual main collections, as well as two flash collections every year.

Maison Shoeshibar keeps moving to the front line of shoe fashion but never abandons the traditions of shoemaking.